Dec 16, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

Since I'm not on the ball enough to jump on the "gift ideas" post bandwagon, I thought I'd just share a few of my favorite things...that I'm sure would make most ladies happy if you're looking for some last minute ideas!

These boots were an "oops" Black Friday purchase...because I didn't know how much they were and normally wouldn't spend so much on myself for any one item of clothing. But once I had them I had a tough time taking them back...and I'm so glad I didn't! They comfy and cute and I'm hopeful the already rustic look means that they'll be in great shape for years to come (unlike my $40 fake leather boots that were showing every scratch).

Clarks "Whistle Woven" Belted Biker Boots
Of course once I had the cute boots I decided I needed some boot socks and cuffs...and fell in love with these cute lace cuffs from my favorite western store, owned by my friend, Erin. I have one of each color. ;)

Cowgirl Boutique Lace Top Knit Boot Cuffs
I already talked about this awesome hard lotion product here but I just got my second order of it and I still love it! They have various other natural products, too, but I love the hard lotion for my dry, cracked hands. 

Beesilk Stick
Faith needed something for her ears and I love my earwarmers like this, so I got two more in different colors that we could share (the listing says they're adjustable and work for girls up to women). These stay where I need them to and look really cute, and best of all keep my ears warm!

Knit Headband/Headwrap
 I can't speak for others but organizing gifts make me happy! These are my current favorite baskets and I have more planned to add to my collection soon! It's getting to that time of the year that everyone's thinking about getting organized, and you can do so much with baskets!
Water Hyacinth Bins
Going to go relax for a bit before the school girls come home! Long day at the Children's Museum! ;)

Dec 15, 2014

Throwing My Hands Up and a Christmas Tour (-Ish)

I'm not sure how life gets increasingly more and more busy and chaotic but it does, and I'm perpetually amazed this year how I just can't seem to catch up. I'm constantly thinking of ways to improve that situation for the next year but in the meantime I just have to let some things go and keep moving forward.

Unfortunately the blog's been one of the places I've had to let go more than I'd like, and my planned projects are getting harder and harder to complete. I pray that Christmas break will help me catch up but two weeks isn't feeling like enough time!

In addition to wrapping up daycare photo books for the year, getting Christmas cards out, keeping my house "clean" (I say that very loosely), teaching Jazzercise, buying and wrapping gifts, planning daycare projects and trying to do family Advent activities, I also signed up for a professional organizer certification. I'm super excited about it but have to limit how much time I'm devoting to that until after this week because some other things have to take priority. But it's all part of my goal to continue building My Blissful Space in 2015 so it will be partially how I spend Christmas break.

Sooooo...this isn't the holiday tour I wanted to share...and I don't have outside pictures yet...and I didn't watermark or edit...and there's not much "new" this year. But I'm going to share these photos anyway and check one more thing off my list! ;) Next year will be better folks, for sure!

I have had plans of making a garland with Faith for these branches. In the meantime, our Christmas cards have taken the place of the wood slice ornaments from Thanksgiving.

Poor Joseph lost his staff one too many times so it just leans against him and is broken.

Found this Merry Christmas garland at Hobby Lobby for $5 on it!

Wanted some red in this corner but didn't get that far. #parforthecourse

Also had plans of making some Christmas pillows. #bigdreamer I did manage to use these that I found last year with my existing pillows. Since Mya's at the age to use my sofas as a giant tissue for her nose, it's probably for the best. ;)

This said 25for a couple weeks. Now we're stuck on 12. ;)

How my house has really been looking lately! This has been my project table so that I can keep things out and Mya can't reach. The monogram letters I was working on for people are done, and now in their place are daycare photos and my blog planner!

Found the perfect tree skirt this year...burlap on one side and cream on the other. It's reversible and won't show Remi's fur!

Love these ornaments that I picked up last year at Target. 

That's pretty much it in a nutshell! I'll keep building on it for next year and will try to have a REAL home tour! ;)

Dec 12, 2014

Marsala {Pantone Color of the Year 2015}

I intended to get Christmas house photos up this week, but on our anniversary Wednesday, we received word that my husband's grandfather passed away. He'd been diagnosed with cancer months ago and we knew it was coming, but of course had prayed it wouldn't be near the holidays, and I never imagined it would happen on our wedding anniversary. This is the first family loss my husband has experienced so there is a lot of grief in our house right now. It's also the first death my daughter has experienced since she was 1 1/2. She was pretty sad and had a lot of questions so I kept her home from school yesterday. Needless to say I've been distracted and had other priorities to tend to, and Christmas decorating and picture-taking has had to take backseat.

But I didn't want to let another day go by without blogging, and I've been wanting to talk about the new Color of the Year!

As a new(ish) blogger, it's been fun for me to see the Pantone Color of the Year be announced each year. The first year I was blogging it was Emerald, which I still love. Last year, Radiant Orchid. I was less excited about that one, especially for the home. But this year, it's Marsala.

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015 - Marsala 18-1438
I am in LOVE with this color!!! It's elegant and rich and earthy, and reminds me of a rose that I saw while shopping in Denver many years ago...a color that I'd never seen on a rose so it had a big impact! I have a photo of that rose somewhere in my scrapbooks! I remember it being called "russet", though, and looked similar to this:

I love this faded-out wine shade and am already contemplating ways to use it in my home and wardrobe. I put together this quick collage of some of my favorite ways to incorporate this color:

Marsala Love

Chevron lamp / Cashmere throw / Red blanket / Round throw pillow / Houndstooth throw pillow / Brown 
throw pillow / Red furniture / Upholstery chair

I don't want to ditch my current color scheme for this color but I would totally incorporate it! It will complement many colors and add a rich element. I knew it would look lovely with turquoise (and this girl always has turquoise in her home and wardrobe!) so I was searching for some examples for you. House of Turquoise actually shared a post about the new color of the year and she showed several pairings with turquoise here! Great minds think alike! Here's a quick collage I made with this combo:

Turquoise and Marsala

Serveware, $47 / Wall mirror / Lacoste white throw pillow / Villa Home Collection throw pillow / Square throw pillow / Angelo square throw pillow / Paddywax scented candle / Blue home decor, $13 / Pier 1 Imports home decor / Pier 1 Imports home decor / White sofa / Storage furniture

Uhhhhh...LOVE IT! Might be the year that I slipcover my sofas...or get rid of them altogether. ;)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and I will try to post the things I've been planning for next week! 

Dec 10, 2014

Our 2014 Family Photos and Saving Money on Photography

Happy 3rd anniversary to my hubby today!! I can't wait to share what he made for my gift but it needs one final touch before I can. ;)

When The Bestie and I got matching cameras a year ago about this time, we helped to justify the large purchase with the knowledge that with a great camera we could take our own great photos and avoid paying someone else to do them. Granted, it takes a LOT of training with any camera to get great photos, and I have barely scratched the surface. Kim has been practicing a lot more with her daughter, Mya (great photo subject, of course!), and she's gotten some great pics. I hope to sit down and learn more and practice over the holiday break, but was glad she's gotten so good so she could take our family photos!

This was the shortest. photo shoot. ever.

I planned out what we'd wear a month or more in advance, but I did not think much about poses. There's a historical museum near our house where we had engagement pictures taken, so we chose that location to do these pictures as well. I didn't need a ton...just enough to have some good options for a Christmas card. We also had a busy day that day and were struggling to fit in a photo shoot as it was, so I planned on us being brief.

Kim arrived with her camera and a prepared and thoughtful that girl! For a 15-20 minute photo shoot I thought we did pretty good! Here's what we got, including some of just Faith (she's a ham) and myself (intending to use for the blog, but we'll be doing another shoot for that since the sun made me a little squinty-eyed ;)).

Kim realized she started photo-bombing here, but they're still good...!

Faith did great at posing herself...

...and then she got silly...

We moved away from the barnwood (my favorite), and got some in front of these wreaths on the wrap-around porch of the museum. Faith was afraid of falling so we have some interesting outtakes...

Once I was holding her we got a more natural smile. ;)

 She's gotten into giving herself bunny ears. ;)

And that's a wrap! Off to finish my wreath so that I can share with you tomorrow!