Mar 5, 2015

300,000 Views, Mini Organization & Therapeutic Thursdays!

Just logged on to work on this post and saw that I have reached over 300,000 page views! Criminy! That's awesome, especially since I've not been a very active blogger this year! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading!

I've been under the weather with a cold...because why wouldn't I be once some energy and motivation hit to get busy?! ;) #murphyslaw I've been diffusing my oils like crazy (more on those below) but I'm still learning about all the other therapeutic ways to use them. I'll be ready for the next illness! But despite that, I've been doing pretty well on my new morning and evening routine (morning is better than evening because I feel better after I get moving but by evening I'm spent). It feels good to get going right away in the morning, I get more done, and even though I wake up wanting to go back to bed, moving around energizes me pretty quickly. I'm drinking a glass of water first thing (now with lemon essential oil in my new glass water bottle!) and get laundry going right away. I haven't been as diligent about cleaning the bathroom right off, but getting there. All in all it's working great and wouldn't you know it, I somehow still get through all that email. ;)

Tip: Only drink essential oils from GLASS, not plastic!
Starting out busy means staying motivated through the morning (by lunchtime this cold has me ready for a nap), so I've been tackling little organizing projects here and there. One thing that I've really been wanting to do was to clear my desk so I can actually work on it. It tends to become the place to stack piles of binders I'm working on. I'd remedied part of that issue with a basket for those binders that are currently needing attention, but it wasn't solving the entire problem. I have more plans for the office space but for now just dealing with the piles was what needed to happen. Both of my camera batteries were dead when I went to take this photo, hence the crappy iPhone pic...

While I was at it I hot glued a couple things that had been sitting around! #lookatmego
Can't wait to paint that desk! C'mon spring! #likeihavetimeforthat

I found this magnetic container at Dollar Tree and decided it would be the perfect spot for all those school labels! I had been clipping a baggie on the fridge, which worked, too, but I like this much better. ;)

Now for an organizing FAIL. I went to Dollar Tree in search of baskets to cut down, invert, and use for my essential oils (to keep them standing up in a drawer like this). It worked for the smaller bottles that come in the kit, but not for the larger bottles that I'll be getting as I order from here on out. They were too big for the holes. And since the wider basket I used to have that I was hoping to find was no longer available (why did I get rid of those??), I had to get a taller, more narrow basket. It wasted more of the basket than I wanted to do, and since it didn't quite fill the drawer depth it shifted and therefore so did the bottles...

I was going to take before and after pics if it worked, but clearly it didn' I didn't. I'm still working on an amazing idea. It's gonna come to me. I'm just sure of it.

In the meantime, I have been mulling over the idea of designating one day a week to share what Young Living oils I've been using, what I'm loving and learning about them, etc. I have just been so excited to learn and share about this stuff!! I already had two friends sign up as members on my team and am anxious to grow even more! (That wasn't the plan but I'm just too excited not to turn it into a business!) So this morning, as I was drinking my lemon water and breathing in the fresh aroma of peppermint and lime, I decided to do Therapeutic Thursdays!!'s what I'm crushing on now.

Peppermint and Lime. It's a mojito...for the air. 

No, YOU shut up.

It's invigorating and fresh and makes it feel like summer even though it's freezing outside. 

Citrus Fresh also makes me ready for spring and summer, and when I diffuse that or Purification I have an instant desire to clean. They're both just so fresh that you want to put it in a spray bottle with water and wipe down every surface...and you can! (Well, almost any surface. Use your heads, people.) 

Thieves is great for immune support, and since we're battling colds it's been going quite a bit. There is also a line of Thieves products and next month I'm getting the cleaner. I CANNOT WAIT because there are soooooo many uses for it! Of course you can always use the oils to make your own. It blows my mind all you can do with these babies!

I now add a couple drops of this guy to my (glass) water bottle. (See the next graphic as to why not to drink essential oils from plastic.)

Thank you for the graphic!
Unlike lemon juice, the Lemon essential oil isn't acidic and therefore is safe for tooth enamel! I love my lemon water, and now I can have it and save my teeth!

Can't believe I almost left out Lavender. I like to put a few drops of this oil on my palms, then spread across my pillowcase (or you can make a linen spray, which I will share once my spray bottles arrive!). Lavender is very relaxing and I find it helps me sleep better. Many people also diffuse it for naptime or bedtime. During the day I love to diffuse it with Peppermint or Melaluca (tea tree) for a fresh spa-like aroma. 

I love my diffuser so much I'm ready to add another one! Mine came with the kit when I joined. You don't have to sell the products to be a member and enjoy the wholesale discount. Talk to me if you'd like more info! I'll share more about the kit next week. I just love it and it's a great deal if you want to try the oils!

Mar 2, 2015

Living Well, Balance and Goals, and Seasons...

Another timely blog post hit my inbox today. I spent last night working on some goals and trying, yet again, to figure out how to balance everything in my life. We'd had another busy weekend, starting with Jazzercise and a birthday party Friday night, tax appointment Saturday morning, after which I ran errands and then came home to gather the tax information I forgot. After getting that all emailed to our accountant, I napped for an hour (could have slept for three), then showered to get ready for church because I sang Saturday evening (and literally had rolled out of bed, put my hair up and minimal make-up on before going to my appointment in the sweats I wore to bed). I had hoped to work on planning some healthy meals that night, but we watched Big Hero 6 as a family. #priorities Sunday morning I had a life insurance physical, and after a little catching up around the house, we headed to Lincoln for a follow-up to our marriage retreat. Once Upon a Time started up last night, so Faith was anxious to watch it together, which we did.

Before bed I read some more from Living Well, Spending Less and completed the goal worksheet that the Ruth gives out free when you subscribe to her blog, which I stumbled upon by accident the other day while following an article about essential oils. (I am going somewhere with this. Bear with me.) So I worked through the goal sheets and finished up a chapter of her book that I was working on, and realized that I'm trying to focus on too much. Duh. Well, I suppose I knew that. But ultimately it all has to get done, so I didn't know what else to do! But Ruth made me see that I need to narrow in on the most important goals or tasks. When there's time, I can work on the other stuff. But the priorities have to come first, otherwise I'm just spinning my wheels and, well, half-assing everything.

Today this post came in my inbox, and again I found myself wondering how the timing of these "messages" is always so spot-on. Laura shares her thoughts on balance, and how it's a myth. She goes onto explain that instead we need to seek "seasons". Seasons are like chunks of time where we focus on what is important for that period. I could relate to her feeling of continually getting behind on work in order to focus on the seasons of life that are taking my time and focus now.

It all just came together for me and though I keep trying to be ok with what I'm not getting accomplished, it's still very frustrating and I feel a little defeated. Often. But I'm being proactive and have been first, writing down everything I want to accomplish, short and long term. Ruth stresses writing everything down. Done.

Then the hard part. I had to choose five things that are most important to me right now. Leaving things out from my larger list didn't feel very good. I don't want to not focus on eating well and exercise. I don't want to give up working on the house. But I can't do it all, and I had to choose priorities. This is the narrowed-down list:

1) Church involvement/faith practice (family devotions, daily prayer together, etc.)
2) Family time
3) Strengthen marriage (using what we're learning from our retreat and working on becoming more of a team, less "him and me")
4) Pay off debt
5) Building businesses (My Blissful Space, Young Living)

From there I made more specific, manageable goals that I can work on in the next month, and I vowed to set aside 30 minutes first thing every morning to work on my goals and important tasks. Typically my morning consists of showering and going through email, sometimes while having breakfast or coffee. Eventually the email needs gone through, but it does eat time and isn't productive towards my goals. So starting tomorrow my morning will instead start with drinking a full glass of water, applying essential oils, planning my day over coffee, and cleaning the bathroom and starting laundry. By actually looking over my planner and thinking out my day, I won't miss anything and can set my day up for success and productivity.

I also have some evening habits I'd like to develop. There are so many books I'm working on reading or have stacked up that need read, so I'm going to devote at least 15 minutes a night before bed winding down with a book. Before that, though, I want to daily walk the dog, get the dishes all cleaned up, dishwasher loaded and running, and shine the sink, again apply oils, and do daily dialogue with Brad and devotions as a family. Ruth starts her day with devotions and I see the positives in that, but we read devotions with Faith before bed and that works for our schedules. I get as much (or more) out of her children's devotional as she probably does.

Hopefully by starting and ending my day productively and with purpose, while still allowing time to take care of myself, the rest of the time that falls in between will be productive and focused on my important goals.

Feb 26, 2015

Sugar-Free Plans & Essential Oil Organization Inspiration

After spending the past couple evenings working on taxes, I'm ready for a little distraction break. Our tax appointment is Saturday morning and though I have quite a bit yet to do, I think I'm on track and need some creative time to help keep my focus. Besides that, I'm finding I really miss blogging every day and the feeling that I'm getting nothing done slightly weighs on me. Actually, I'm working or getting things done all day's just not blog-worthy stuff! No bon-bon eating here! And I have a lot of nearly-but-not-quite-all-the-way-finished projects going on, too. Very frustrating!

What I'd like to do...more info on products here

I've been using Young Living essential oils now for a few weeks and I'm still smitten! I've been "attending" at least one Facebook class a week and have been doing my own reading and research as well. I'm excited to add to my oil collection and help my family be the healthiest we can be! I even took our diffuser to a marriage retreat that Brad and I attended last weekend. Every time I walked in and smelled the lavender and peppermint combo I took a big, deep breath and smiled. Best smelling room ever!

My first order after receiving my kit was for oils that should provide hormonal support in attempt to "fix" some of my infertility and hormone issues. Not that I expect at almost 40 to achieve another pregnancy, but I haven't fully given up on the dream of adding to our family and I have a renewed energy to try a new solution through the oils. I've started creating next month's order already, this time focusing on my daughter, Faith. For the past couple of years, particularly in the winter, she has an off-and-on (lately very ON) skin issue around the corners of her mouth. A few years ago when I was at the dermatologist he sent us home with a sample of Topicort and until it ran out a couple months ago it did work. But to refill it would mean taking her in for an appointment, and therefore time, a copay and a prescription cost. But more importantly than that, it means having her on medication for the long haul, because this stuff never goes away permanently.

Poor girl!
As with my skin issues, I think that altering her diet to eliminate most sugars and processed foods, as well as adding in probiotics, will be key to getting at the root cause of the issue. My plan is to work on that a little this weekend and make it a priority to get back to making her lunches. I'm not happy about it because let's be honest, it's one more thing to do. But I do very much want to do this for both of us. 

I've been reading about several oils that help with skin support, as well, however, and am working on finding the combination that works for Faith. Thus far I've used coconut oil as a carrier oil, and at included Lavender and Meleluca (tea tree), then later added Frankincense. I got some advice from a couple more veteran YL oil users and distributors, and it sounds like maybe Melrose is the missing link. One suggested that coconut oil seems drying in the winter, so she also adds beeswax, avacado oil and cocoa butter. The other loves Young Living's V6 carrier oil, and she mixed me up a concoction with that, Lavender, Melaluca and Melrose that I'm picking up today (thanks, Sierra!). I'm excited to try it, especially because my husband was losing patience and I made a dermatologist appointment for next week to at least get it under control for now.

As I wait to receive some new oils and see how they can work for our family, I am ready to get the ones I have organized, with room to add to the collection. When I first ordered my kit I started researching some ideas to organize essential oils, and these were some of my favorites.

Amy used this Ikea drawer unit to store her oils. How fun to fill all those drawers!!!

The Savvy Oiler
Jillee found these drawer organizers at Costco. I love how she's divided up blends, homemade blends, and straight essential oils. She also has a place for her roller balls, extra bottles, and droppers. (Would love to know what those Altoid boxes are for!)

organizing drawers
One Good Thing by Jillee

One thing that I want to prevent is bottles falling over when a drawer or divider isn't full. This idea for lipsticks is so clever and if the basket holes are the right size, would be perfect for oil bottles! I plan to head to Dollar Tree soon to see if I can find something that will work!

this is amazing for all those lipsticks you gave in your purse and in drawers..get organized get a basket case.. :)
I think I've already decided where my oils will go, and since I've been working on rearranging the built-ins to accommodate craft supplies and reorganized my office supplies, I have a few free drawers! 

Click here for more or contact me!

Feb 20, 2015

What I've Been Up To...

NOT much organizing, I'll tell ya that! I'm embarrassed how long it's taking me to wrap up even two rooms of my room-a-week plan! Room-a-month is more like it. ;) So where's all my time going? Aside from the usual - daycare (all the kids home today because there's no school), Jazzercise, housework - I've also been working with a client organizing her space, planning our 4-H meetings for the year, trying to set goals and create a planner that helps me keep everything in one place, reading a couple books, and bridesmaid dress shopping for my sister's wedding. In addition, I've been nearly OBSESSED with my new oils! I am absolutely loving the ability to diffuse these wonderful aromas and get more and more excited as I read all the health benefits. I recently placed an order for some oils to help with reproductive/hormonal support for all of my "issues", and am currently on a mission to help my daughter with a stubborn patch of dry skin by her mouth. I'll report back as I find what works for us!

In the meantime, I'm having a tough time putting down all the information because I find it pretty fascinating. I've attended a few Facebook "classes" and learn something new each time. If you're interested in learning more, I can add you to the next one we have! It's a great way to learn because you can do it from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace...I've folded laundry, checked email and even taken a bath during the classes! ;) Of course trying the oils is the best way to get to know them. You can order from me here!

This weekend Brad and I are attending a marriage retreat, so today is spent packing everyone up and getting the house cleaned for our return! On Monday I plan to get back to my no-sugar, no-processed-food (anti candida) diet. I'm utilizing Lent to get me back on track, but knew that with a weekend away (and meals prepared for us) that I'd be setting myself up to fail (or be miserably hungry). So in that regard, Lent for me starts Monday! In the meantime I'm enjoying my coffee while I can, and Scooters upgraded me to a large for my wait in the drive-thru yesterday! Thanks, Scooters! ;)

Feb 17, 2015

Working Towards Goals {When You're So Overwhelmed You Can't Focus}

More of you than not have probably been there, and might be there right now. You have goals and aspirations for your life, are busting your butt to make those dreams a reality, but there is so much involved and/or you have multiple goals that need your time and effort, and on top of all that there's normal life to tend to. And I guess we have to eat and sleep sometime, too. There's just only so much time in the day, am I right?!! There comes a point in that overwhelm that you feel like you can't catch up, can't relax, aren't getting anywhere and instead you just. do. nothing. Your mind has so much to think about that it can't think about anything at all, and your body's so exhausted it's easier to give in to the desire to just sit and stare at the TV or the computer. You might feel this way for days, weeks or months. For me, it's been the better part of the past year. I have learned to let some things go and I try to prioritize, but there are still so many things I'm trying to do that the feeling that I'll never get caught up or get where I want to go is still there. Giving up isn't an option because these are things I want in my life that ultimately will make it better. So what's a girl to do??

In my spare time (aaaaahhhhh ha ha ha! ;)) I've been reading a couple books that I'm finding to be helpful. (In reality I have no spare time but I'm learning that instead of watching TV it's more therapeutic and useful to end my night reading for a sometimes when I have no energy for anything else, I read.) The first book, of course, is my aunt's new book. This book is set up like a workbook or journal and really doesn't involve more than 10-15 minutes a day (maybe less). Each week there is an "intention" to read, basically what I would call positive self-talk, that you focus on daily for that week. In addition to the intentions throughout the book, I have started an intentions journal, based on my aunt's suggestion. I don't know if I'm doing it like she does (I intend to get up there and get the full low-down ;)), but I'm guessing you can't do it "wrong". I'm writing down intentions for my life...goals that I want to achieve.

I've also been reading Living Well, Spending Less, and am finding that this book is just as much about shooting for goals as it is about enjoying the important things in life and not spending money. The other night I read a section of the book where she really talked about writing down goals. This isn't new information for any of us that have had a class where we were instructed on goal-setting, but I think it's great to be reminded. She recommended breaking goals down yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals...and then listing the specific tasks to get to each goal. For example, an annual goal should be broken down into monthly, weekly and maybe daily smaller goals or tasks. She also recommends posting the goals where you can see them daily, whether on a chalkboard in your office, on the bathroom mirror or a family command center.

The other key is having someone to help you be accountable. For her when it came to saving money, it was her blog followers. I have also used my blog to help keep me accountable and plan to continue to do that even more this year (I need you guys!). I also rely on my Jazzercise class sometimes when it comes to keeping my health and fitness goals as I share what I'm working on from the stage. And of course, Brad and my friends also become accountability partners. Telling someone your goals and having that person to be accountable to really helps motivate and keep you on track!

So what are my goals this year? Well, there are a lot! I won't share all on here, but these are a few that I am working on...

  • Complete professional organizing certification - I'm currently working towards this and hope to finish it up by May 1
  • Build My Blissful Space (organizing business & blog) - I'm currently working with a client on her entire house, so we'll be working for a while! And I have another lined up in the next few weeks. Right now my availability won't allow much more than that, but since I ultimately want to replace daycare with this business, I need to really focus on advertising and growth.
  • Share Young Living essential oils - I just signed up a couple weeks ago as a wholesale member only intending to purchase the products for myself. But the more I learn the more excited I am, and I just signed a new member last night! I decided I'd love to make enough of a business out of it to at least add to my collection of oils, but the more I thought about it I figured this could be a great source of additional income. MBS is my priority, but I can see how the two could compliment each other. 
I've started jotting these things down in my intentions journal (the black journal pictured at the top...found it for $5 at Staples, isn't it cute??). Now I need to sit down and break down each big goal into more manageable tasks, and get them IN. MY. FACE. Oh, and make some labels so I can share my office project! It will all get done...maybe not on my desired timeline, but it will get done. :) 

Feb 12, 2015

Basement Organizing Progress, Oil SamplingI and Book Success!

This blogging only a couple times a week is throwing me off and I'm not a fan, but it is alleviating some self-inflicted pressure, so that's good. Brad and I finally got to work on the basement again last night after not touching it for over a week. We had some more delays as life happened but things are a lot closer to done. 

Before I share those pics, though, I want to say thank you to anyone who saw my post the other day and bought my aunt's book! I was so happy to read the other day that it hit #1 Best Seller status on Amazon five times (five categories) on launch day! Setting those intentions sure seems to work, as she "intended" to get on the best seller list! I found this cute notebook at Staples last night and am using it as my intentions notebook. I need a personal course from my aunt, so I think a trip to visit her might be in the works soon. ;)

I also want to say I've been having fun experimenting with my Young Living oils this week! So far I've tried Purification, Thieves, Frankincense, and today am diffusing Peppermint. I LOVE them! I put a few drops of Lavender on my palms last night and spread it on my pillow and I slept like I was drugged. Seriously. I need to try it a few more nights to be sure, because I'll admit, I was tired last night. But typically when Brad wakes me up with his stirring...inevitably an hour before my alarm is going to go off...I can't fall back asleep. But today, I got up to go to the bathroom (irritatingly I always have to pee as soon as I'm woken in the morning which makes me even more awake), literally stumbled into the wall I was so out of it, came back to bed, hit the pillow like lead and fell right back to sleep! SOLD! You can check out the products and make purchases here, or contact me for more info!

Ok, now for the basement pictures! I'm warning you, it ain't pretty. It's just more organized and functional. But it's still an unfinished basement with too much stuff. 

This area is sandwiched between the space under our stairs and a closet where I keep rarely used kitchen and entertaining items and extra daycare toys. This space serves as our tornado shelter, so that blue bin on the shelf is our emergency kit. 

I gathered some craft projects that eventually need completed and put them in bins as well. One is random craft stuff, and the other are Christmas/winter craft/decor projects I want to do for next year. Instead of having them stacked and staring me in the face in the cupboards downstairs, I decided I'd store them here until I am caught up on organizing and have some time to work on them. I also created a basket for gifts...both things that I have on hand that could be given as gifts, and things that I have purchased for someone for an upcoming occasion. 

There are two shelving units in this area. The other holds some larger daycare items (Magic Sand and the plastic tablecloth we use as a dropcloth when the kids play with it, Play Doh, Legos, etc.). Both shelves have some kitchen/entertaining things that don't fit in the closet.

I don't have pics of the closet yet because I need to go through it one more time, sort and purge toys and make it a little more tidy, but it's close to done.

When we tore down a wall before Thrasher came and fixed our settling basement issues, it made the entire basement more open and light. We were able to create a seating area in the small finished space, though we don't really hang out down here much. Occasionally Brad likes to nap on the sofa or read down here, but I prefer to be where it's warm and light. I still have some things to file in this space but made good headway last night. 

I did some shuffling of craft supplies and the things I had stored in the white cupboards. Almost all of my craft supplies are now upstairs, which I'll share when I have the office/play space completed. (I'd love to say next week but my timeline's lately don't seem to be working out, so I'll just go with "soon".) To maximize the space since one of the cupboards is deeper than the other, I moved my scrapbook albums, photos, Faith's schoolwork keepsake box and a few leftover craft supplies to this cupboard.

The second tall cupboard is now storage for My Blissful Space items (booth supplies and giveaways, etc.), 4-H supplies, my fabric, garage sale supplies, and baskets and organizing items. I was going to sell most of the baskets since I've switched to a different style/size, but since I'm still using several in different areas of the house and have just gotten so much use out of them over the past 15 or so years, I just wasn't ready to part with them. I may change my mind by the time we have a garage sale this year, but I'd rather sell ALL of them together. I'm weird like that.

When I bought my daughter a new dresser, this old one that used to be mine became a great place to store gift wrap. I need to tidy up the top, but this collapsible crate that I got when I was a Pampered Chef consultant is too useful to get rid of, and works great to hold the rolls of wrapping paper. I used a larger box to hold several smaller boxes that can be used for presents, and the drawers contain bows, tissue paper, bags and gift wrap scraps.

This plastic drawer unit is currently where I toss non-photo items that I want to scrapbook or keep, like greeting cards, newspaper articles, artwork, and vacation memorabilia. The lower drawers are further sorted with manila envelopes by year. I'd like a more sophisticated system eventually, but I'd rather spend my time catching up on albums than reorganizing this. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

Brad just celebrated a birthday and his gift from me was a Bowflex. It takes up quite a bit of room, so what started out as an organized, airy basement turned into a crowded situation again real quick. Once the garage sale pile is gone things should be a lot better, and I'm happy that he can workout at home now when he wants to.

The holiday and out-of-season clothes bins had to all be moved from that corner to accommodate the Bowflex. Things had to get pretty tight around the furnace which isn't ideal, but again, once the garage sale stuff is gone that will be a little better.

I've been selling some items on Facebook to minimize the garage sale pile, and was this close to donating and selling the rest last night, but the Bestie and I have a sale planned and I'd rather try and sell what I can, so we'll have to live with the crowded basement for a few months longer. 

Over in the laundry area not much has changed. There are also two shelving units in this space. This one holds a fan and space heater, laundry soap, our dog's "stuff",  and extra toilet paper, paper towels and tissues.

The other used to almost exclusively store baskets and organizing items, but when I moved over half to the white cupboard in the other space, it freed up some shelf room for extra pillows, sleeping bags and air mattresses. Eventually I'd love if this can be exclusively for that purpose, since those things don't usually have a place to go.

This is another shot of the holiday bins in their new location. They're not going to be as easy to access for the time being but it's doable. Those cardboard boxes on the floor need gone through...they're my keepsakes from growing up that Mom sent home. I started purging several months back but didn't get through all of them. 

More garage sale items...

This is the area where the Bowflex is. Since our room isn't very big, the nightstands that go with our bedroom set don't fit, so they're down here until we move to a larger home. I have extra bedding in them so that they're not sitting here without purpose. The chest was a gift from my in-laws for Faith, and currently is where we keep my wedding dress and her flower girl dress. When she has a bigger room it will go at the end of her bed.

The bins that couldn't fit with the others (and the crack that caused the need for Thrasher ;))...

Here's what's left to be done before I feel like I can say the basement is "finished"...
  • Label bins and emergency kit
  • Organize toy closet & sort/purge toys
  • Organize paint closet
  • Go through keepsake boxes
  • Tidy top of wrapping paper dresser
  • Purge baskets and unused organizing items
  • Late spring: Garage sale 
In the meantime, the office/craft space/playroom is nearing completion! I want to do some furniture makeovers in the spring but will consider the space "done for now" once I get labels on my baskets! More on that soon!

Feb 10, 2015

My Aunt's Book Launch!!!

My aunt's new book!

I'm so excited about this I jumped the gun on announcing it a couple weeks ago! My aunt has written a book that I think all of you will benefit from and love! It's called The Intention Project and it is launching officially on Amazon today! I'd love to help her hit the Amazon best seller's list, so picture my on bended knee with folded hands asking "pretty please!!", then head here and get a copy for you and a friend! (You get FREE GIFTS for ordering TODAY!!!)

This is my aunt Carol (my dad's sister)...


I've often been told I look like her. ;) 

The book is made up of 52 intentions, one a week, and spaces to reflect and journal on those intentions. They cover the range of issues, dreams and goals we as women face and hope for. Each one is very brief so even if you don't have a lot of time to read (hello...that's me right here!), you could find time to enjoy this book. I think you will find it very motivational and inspiring!

So go get yourself a copy, then go here for your free gifts, then feel free to comment below about how much you love it!!