Jul 29, 2015

Busy July and Fair Time!

It's been a couple week since I was able to blog anything! July has been one thing after another, all things that I'm in charge of planning and/or organizing, so there has not been time for much of anything else. The month started with the 4th of July, then went straight into activities for our local festival, I've been teaching a Junior Jazzercise class the last couple of weeks (which ends next Wednesday), and then we've had 4-H activities! This week is fair week, so we got Faith's projects wrapped up over the weekend and set up our club's booth last night. Tonight will be the first night in a while that I don't have anything major pending to do so I plan to work from the couch and take it easy. I hate to wish summer away but I will be glad when July is over!

For Faith's final 4-H projects we had decided to decorate a wood "F" that we'd picked up for $5 at an antique store in town over a year ago and a lampshade from Target. We are going to be redecorating her bedroom so these doubled as both 4-H projects and new accessories!

The original plan was to make a photo collage on the "F", but when she realized the photos would be glued down and not changeable, she ditched the idea and wanted splatter paint. This former 80's kid was taken back, slightly excited and a little like, "Whuuuu?", all at the same time. Where did THIS come from?

The original plan for the lampshade was to decorate it with ribbon, and Faith wanted it "rainbow". I found the cutest jute ribbon at Hobby Lobby but forgot when I purchased the lampshade that it needed to be perfectly cylindrical and not tapered...so wrapping the ribbon around it would cause it to buckle. Grrr! Faith didn't like the ribbon horizontal, so she wanted to also splatter paint the lamp shade. (Seriously?)

We had a couple globs that we had to "fix", and I'll share more about that when I blog about the entire room redo, but overall they turned out pretty cute. I've learned that she's getting her own style and opinions and they are often not in line with mine, but I have to let her be her. In the end everyone's more happy. ;) 

This is our 4-H booth this year. We added some lattice to hang exhibits behind the table and also used two tables instead of one. Our theme, which utilizes our club name, is "Sugar and Spice cooking up healthy futures". 

I decided to reuse the terra cotta pots from last year's booth in our display, and had the idea to create giant cupcakes with them. They didn't make the trip to the fair very well, but people could identify what they were so I guess that's success. ;)

When we've had a spare moment this month, we've been enjoying feeding the geese at the lakes. Faith got brave and fed them from her hand and she's just loving it!

School starts in a couple weeks and starting in September I am working on carving out two mornings a week when I don't have daycare kids here to work specifically on My Blissful Space...the blog, the organizing side of the business, etc. I'm very much looking forward to getting back to regular blogging and continuing to build my business. Things will still be a little quiet for the next week or so, I'm sure, but I have much to share once I can get back into a blogging routine! 

Jul 14, 2015

Living Room Paint Update, Weekend Fun & More

The living room is painted as of last Friday morning (or Thursday...now I can't remember!). I still have to paint the back of the built-in shelves as well as the adjoining hallway, but the living room is otherwise DONE. I got things back on the walls except for this spot that I plan to do differently this time around...


 (before...pic from one or two autumns ago)

The dresser is (finally) getting painted...the paint arrives tomorrow...possibly the mirror as well, and I have plans for a different photo arrangement. In fact the mirror may move altogether. Still working those details out. 

Last weekend was our town's festival, and I was busy most of the weekend with Jazzercise activities. We participated in the children's events on Saturday morning, offering a giant bubble making station and promoting our upcoming Jr Jazz class, and Sunday we had an entry in the parade which wound up winning the best business float entry! 

Faith trying out the bubbles before the event officially started
That's me by our float! Faith is holding the blue poster. 
It was a HOT sweaty weekend but we had fun! Saturday evening I had some girlfriends over for Mexican food and sangrias. I made carne asadas tacos and elote (Mexican street corn) for the first time, and of course sangrias! Somehow I have a pitcher-and-a-half leftover, so looking for help with that... ;) I think maybe for some it didn't have enough soda to sweeten it up, but I liked it just fine! There were also margaritas, and some had those.

Finally got to use these simple decorations I picked up at Wal Mart last year!

Now that I'm done working on the Jazzercise stuff for the weekend, I am in full force planning our 4H meeting for tonight, my sister's bridal shower for Sunday, and I'm starting a Jr Jazzercise class next week! Things aren't slowing down anytime soon, so regular blogging probably is a pipe dream until school is back in session. No lazy days of summer here! Once things are planned I want to get back to the painting and work on that empty wall and furniture painting. So excited for the finished product!

Jul 9, 2015

How to Make a Photo Collage Without Installing or Downloading!

Photo collages are so fun to create, are a great way to gather memories in one spot, and make interesting artwork and greeting cards. Sometimes, though, it gets frustrating having to install one more app or download one more program. But with FotoJet you don't have to! FotoJet is a free online collage maker that allows users to quickly create amazing photo cards, collages and posters without the hassle of having to download or install anything. You can choose from over 190 templates for collages, photo cards and posters. Once selected, add your own photos and customize it as you wish...even text! Then you can save as a JPG/PNG file or share immediately to Facebook. Easy! 

I took the liberty of trying it out for you and created a collage of our Texas trip...

...and one of my daughter and me...

The site is really easy to use and I love all the choices! You can make invitations or holiday cards, create a collage of things that identify who you are and what you love to do, or even promote a business. You can even create a personalized Facebook cover or post. (Once I saw that I decided I needed to do it asap...see below!) The possibilities are endless! Check out all the fun sample ideas here

Click the link here to try it out for yourself!

*I was compensated with free software for my review, but the opinions are 100% true and my own.

Jul 6, 2015

Let the Painting Begin!

Hope everyone had a super 4th! Faith and I enjoyed a great weekend back in my hometown while Brad headed the opposite direction and spent some time at the cabin with his extended family. We shopped, watched the parade and fireworks, and ate lots and lots of yummy junk food. Boy do I need to get back to eating no sugar!

Today I have the day off. I taught Jazzercise this morning, and despite feeling wiped from the weekend, it went well and I had a boost of energy after class! Faith and I stopped for a few (healthy!) groceries, I had a snack of organic celery and natural peanut butter, then began stripping the living room walls while watching Y&R. I'm going to paint the living room finally!

I stopped for a nap and struggling now to wake up, so I'm not getting very far and have to get moving! Wish me luck! Updates on Instagram and Facebook to come!

Jun 30, 2015

Watercolor Bridal Shower Invitations {Sherbert & Lace}

My sister is getting married in September and we're throwing her a shower in July. I had a panic moment a couple weeks ago when I realized it was creeping up and I hadn't started invitations or anything yet! But after talking out loud to the Bestie, I took some Pinspiration and made it my own. (Sometimes thinking out loud just does the trick!) Kim gave me some tips on how to make it happen, and I got them done the weekend after my appendectomy. They didn't take long, thanks to a sale at Michaels, the cost was minimal, and I think they turned out really pretty!

My sister's colors are "sherbert" colors...pink, orange, yellow and green...as well as grey. I wanted to tie in all the colors and use ivory lace like her dress. Not an easy task to DIY and still keep classy! I saw some printed ombré invitations on Pinterest and thought, if I could use watercolor and blend each color together, that would make a nice background for the wording. 

I had brushes already, and purchased the watercolor paper and paint at Michaels at 30% off. I love this palette of pretty colors! I cut the paper into fourths (and later had to cut down further when I decided to mat it with cardstock). I was aiming for 8 1/2 x 11 sized paper (cut into fourths) but think what I found was 9x12. I wanted to use a size that wouldn't cost additional postage (like 6x6), and I already had envelopes that were 4.5 x 6.25 inches (bonus!). 

Per Kim's recommendation, I made a stripe of each color on the paper, leaving white space in between, then went back with a wet brush to blend the colors together. I carefully swept the brush under the pink into the orange, cleaned it, then went orange to yellow, and ending with yellow to green. Sometimes I got too much water and the colors would run rather than blend, but if I rinsed the brush and ran it over the side of my water bowl to get the excess out, then brushed back over the "bad spot", I was able to fix it. I found it to be very forgiving. :) I could also easily add more color if I brushed too much away. Another bonus, the sheets dried in no time, so when I had filled my drying spot with two rows of paper (about 3 or 4 per row), the top row was dry and ready to move.

The only other plan I had at the time was to print the invitation on vellum and adhere it over the watercolor using glue dots, but it was too plain. I decided to pull in my sister's grey color by matting the watercolor sheet with grey cardstock, and then used lace to decorate one side. Since I hadn't planned on lace I had to make a quick trip to Wal Mart and didn't quite find what I was looking for, but since my sister loves daisies and they'll be in  her bouquet, this flower trim was equally appropriate. I also stuck it on with glue dots (3 in front and two in the back).

Staples did the printing on the vellum for me. I got four to a sheet and only printed 10 sheets, so it was cheap!

When I make invitations I like to utilize my poetic abilities (ha ha) to come up with something unique and fun. My sister met her fiancee online when he was living in Tennessee (also where they met in person for the first time), so that inspired the wording for her invitation. ;)

Watch in late July for the shower decorations, food and games!

Jun 25, 2015

Updates on This Fine Sunny Day

I don't have completed projects to share but I'm getting somewhere! ;) In addition to getting my sister's shower invitations completed and mailed, I've been slowly working on a grocery and meal planning notebook. I want a place to keep coupons, menus, grocery lists, healthy eating info and grocery spending all in one place. It's assembled and the cover is done (you wouldn't believe how long that took!). Once I have everything just the way I want it, I'll be sharing the entire project, including a printable for the cover just for you!

I've also been slowly reading The Food Babe Way in attempts to detox my body and get our family into a habit of healthy eating. I'm gradually making the switch to organic food (with some resistance from my hubby due to the cost). I like Vani's book and the fact that she breaks the process down into 21 days. It makes it a manageable process, and sets the stage for a lifelong habit. I've been taking things a little slower, just due to (lack of) preparation and my schedule, but I'm working on having a daily glass of warm lemon water with cider vinegar first thing in the morning, and today started drinking greens in a blended smoothie. Next up, no more drinking at meals!

I should be back to teaching Jazzercise Monday, and am ready to get back into the workout routine after my appendectomy. Working on a fun summer set will take up some of my time this weekend, as will plans for a junior Jazzercise class that we're going to be offering soon!

Sadly I still don't have 4th of July decorations up but I did manage to put flags in the flower pots out front. We'll see if I get any farther than that next week.

Otherwise I'm just trying to enjoy summer and get a little done here and there! 

Jun 22, 2015

Dare I Say It...??

After a crazy week of appendectomies and weird facial infections (did I mention that last week?? Poor hubby's face swelled up like crazy!), we are both doing great and I started whittling away at that to-do list again. I've been off pain meds for a couple days now and having very minimal pain. I'm still being careful about lifting so as not to go backwards, but I'm also taking full advantage of a freed up schedule and feeling well enough to do some housework and other projects.

My sister's bridal shower is a month away and I had a panic moment recently when I realized that I hadn't started invitations or anything for it. Brad drove me to make a Costco run Saturday and to stop at Michael's for invitation supplies. I got my watercolor on that evening, picked up the last couple things today (decided they needed a little something extra), and they should be finished and ready to mail by tomorrow! Photos of the invitations and eventually decorations will be coming on the blog!

With the help of a friend I was able to get a Bountiful Basket picked up Saturday morning, and the Costco run finished off my grocery needs for most of the week. I have menus planned, and decided it was time to start a menu & grocery planning notebook. I think I found the perfect notebook while I was at Staples making copies for the invitations this morning! I'll be sharing it with you once it's complete!

The kids had VBS and 4H camp this morning, so I managed to have a couple hours to myself to wrap up errands and get some dishes and vacuuming done. I'm feeling quite accomplished! I am almost afraid to say it, but I think I'm getting back in the groove! I hope to have some pics to share tomorrow or Wednesday, but in the meantime you can check my Instagram or Facebook account for updates!