Aug 5, 2013

Trash-to-Treasure Trash Can {Ditto DIY}

I've felt off my game with the past two Ditto DIY challenges because of lack of time and/or having completed projects that I was able to "recycle". But I knew once the August challenge was announced last month that my recent garage sale purchase would help me get back in the game!

August ditto diy July ditto diy

The challenge for August was to add a classy pattern to a trash receptacle. I found this guy for $.50 with the tag still on while garage sale shopping with my daughter and mother-in-law:

(It's not blue on the bottom. I started taping it to paint and realized I had better get a "before" photo!)

Because the trash can is a wire mesh, it wasn't well-suited for a "pattern". The mesh creates it's own pattern and texture, however, and I decided it was a great candidate for the same ombre treatment that I gave my outdoor entertaining cart. I wanted to do a little more, though, and decided to trim the top and bottom with gold. Using paint I already had from my DIY tray project and the cart, my only cost for this project was the $.50 trash can itself!

To achieve this look I first taped the top and bottom where I wanted gold and not blue. Then with Rustoleum X2 paint, I sprayed the bottom portion with the Aqua, being sure to coat the inside bottom of the trash can as well. I repeated this process twice and checked back to make sure the outside and inside was covered where I wanted aqua. When I came back to do the darker Lagoon blue, I put newspaper in the bottom to prevent overspray from making a mess inside (not that you'll typically see the bottom of the trash can). 

Once all the blue coats were done and the green was covered up, I pulled the tape off the top and bottom, and again with newspaper and painters tape, covered the blue parts as best I could. (In the future I will try to find a more secure method because it wasn't 100% effective.) Once (I thought) the blue was covered up, I carefully sprayed the trim in gold. After a couple coats, I removed the paper and found that some gold had sprayed through my "barrier", so I went back and touched up. (That's when the aqua dusted the gold on the bottom, at which point I decided to commit to that look and dusted it all over with aqua.) 

Maybe someday when I am motivated I'll repaint that part. Then again, it's a trash can, and it's still pretty awesome.

It made the perfect storage solution for my shelf liner collection!

And if I ever decide to repurpose my "entertaining" cart for a "craft" cart, how awesome will these two look in the same room???


  1. Such a great idea! I saw your post and did the same thing for my best friend, she doesn't have a trashcan in her room (at college) so I bought a mesh one like yours and did a coral to light pink ombre, turned out great! For the gold part, I found also that spray painting gold wasn't going to work so instead I used folkArt antique gold acrylic paint and painted it! Much easier and still turned out nice :)
    Thanks for sharing!
    - Julie


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