Sep 9, 2013

Organizing with Shoe Storage!

Just got back yesterday from a weekend of scrapbooking with a friend at my in-laws. I'm tired but happy to have gotten some more done (I just hit my daughter's 2nd birthday in her books this weekend but she's SIX...lots to do!). We also hit Hobby Lobby (of COURSE!) and I got items for home decor projects that are in the plans! Still working on the pegboard...getting closer. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a quick organizing idea that I put up today (literally a 10-minute project).

Organizing, especially in a small space, means getting creative with storage. One of my favorite organizing tools is an over-the-door shoe organizer. I've used them for Barbies (do canvas for toys, not plastic so that they last longer)...

...recently for spray paint...

...and now for walking and dog supplies!!!

Last week A Bowl Full of Lemons shared a link-up where someone used one of these organizers for sports bottles, and I thought, "Duh...why didn't I think to do THAT?!". Not only do I dislike having random cups in our cupboards, but we also have too many to nicely fit (where we can still reach them). Between the regular glasses and the sports bottles, to-go coffee mugs, etc., it gets chaotic in the cupboard. I don't, however, have so many sports bottles that we'd fill an entire shoe organizer, either. What I decided to do, though, was create organization for walks/working out and dog supplies, and I got it all together this morning while the daycare kids played with Play Doh!

On top are the sports bottles (just a few)...

The next row holds dog poo bags (gross but necessary), my iPhone belt (which has a back pocket for keys...and poop bags), and my Polar watch and heart monitor strap.

Then on the bottom (so as to prevent loose dog hair from falling on something we drink out of...ew!), I am storing extra collars, neckerchiefs, and Remi's smell-good spray. There are still some empty pockets so that means more available storage! 

Now when it's time to head out for a walk, everything will be in one place and I won't have to bop around from room-to-room trying to remember everything! It also allowed me to get rid of the tote bag we had hanging on the basement door with our dog supplies in it. Now this is hanging on the back of the door where no one can see it, but is easily accessible near the back door when it's time to go!

Can't hang over-the-door storage on your doors because they won't shut? We're in the same boat...NO problem! In that situation I just apply a couple 3M hooks (which I need to start buying in bulk!) and tie the organizer up with ribbon!

More storage ideas for shoe organizers...

Small toys, shoes (obviously), baby items, odds & ends (think remote, small tools, masking tape), medicines, and even business supplies like brochures and order forms

And I love this one...
Cut a shoe organizer in half and use it for bathroom stuff to have a clutterless counter. q tips, cotton balls, lotions, hair stuff, brushes, etc.
Cut a shoe organizer in half and use it inside a bathroom vanity door for combs, brushes, hair product, etc!!!


  1. Hi Crystal. Love your blog! I use the shoe organizer for barbie storage too. Might need to borrow it for the bathroom as well. Nice meet a fellow blogger in the NE area.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I've been wondering how many local bloggers there are, so glad you stopped by!!!

  2. Looks really awesome, nice design and arrangement. I would love to make my designs and collection great too

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  4. A hanging shoe organizer provides easy access to those odds and ends that would otherwise swamp a junk drawer.

  5. Great idea...our over the door organizers also dont fit as doors are fitted higher. One question, if we stick them with 3M hooks, dont they get heavier? Have you put heavier items into these organizers with 3M? Please let me know. Thanks!

    1. You have to be careful of what contents you're putting in when you use the 3M hooks (I wouldn't do it with spray paints, for example), but if you get the ones meant for more weight (5-10 lbs) and prep the surface per the instructions on the package, plus let them stick without anything hanging as the directions instruct, I've had great luck! When I've used the 3M hooks it has been for Barbie's, daycare kids shoes (which meant a handful of pairs of kids shoes, not the entire thing full except maybe for our flip flops), and winter hats and gloves. Hope that helps!


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